Traditionally stories have always been used to mark the basic rites of passage, birth, puberty, marriage, parenthood and death, offering a timeless insight into the experience of life transitions.

Storysmith Storytellers provides storytelling services for birth celebrations, weddings, birthday parties and funerals. Stories offer a unique way of capturing and enhancing the spirit of such events through personal anecdote, ancient myth and fable. A shared story creates a sense of community and allows and exploration of the event theme in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Long ago, when the world's was new, all of the worlds feelings roamed wild and free. One day boredom suggested a game - all the feelings were to played hide and seek. Madness was the first to seek. He found fear. He found excitement. He found sadness. He found all the emotions except love. After a while he got impatient and stabbed around in the gardens' bushes with a fork, trying to flush love out. Love was hiding in the rosebush, and when the fork struck it took out both her eyes. OUCH! Madness was so sorry he promised to look after love for ever, and be her eyes......

and that's why, to this day, love is blind and led by madness.

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Rites of Passage