Storysmith Storytellers offers three services to private and voluntary sector organisations:

A. Storytelling Performance at Corporate Events

Storytelling performance can have many benefits for corporate events. While the simple act of listening together to a story builds a sense of community, stories can be used to explore themes and topics relevant to the team. Often a story may stimulate ideas about different ways of doing things.

B. Team Building

Storymaking and storytelling sessions provide an opportunity for teams to work together in creative and unfamiliar ways. Group story exercises build invaluable communication and cooperation skills, while the development of story ideas enhances playful creativity, a must for modern management.

C. Story-collecting and Evaluation

The stories we tell create our sense of meaning and value. Storysmith storytellers offers evaluation services which collect stories relevant to a particular project, exploring within it the various perspectives of those involved and the different values which they point to through their stories. In this way deeper learning can be facilitated.

Organisations are awash with stories – stories which drive employees, determine morale and may make the difference between success and failure. Knowing these stories is a critical element in effective management.

What employers think of Storysmith:

“We loved the workshop and learned a huge amount”

“A lovely chance to be playful and creative together. Thank you”

“The stories really expressed the spirit of our work”

“The show gave our conference something to remember, something special”