Performance Storytelling is an emerging performance art in which voice and gesture are combined with movement and often music, to evoke a story in the audiences imagination. The art borrows from principles of traditional storytelling as well as using tools from theatre and drama improvisation, through the mixing of narration, characterisation and description."

Storysmith Storytelling offers a range of shows, some explicitly for adults and others for a family audience.

The following are examples the available performances by storyteller and musician Chris Smith.

Oxford the Dragon City

Oxford is drenched in story. Dragon City takes a journey through the myths and legends which have shaped the growth of this remarkable city. Screaming dragons, miraculous maidens, student loves, demonic dons…and much, much more.

Into the Green

The legends of Arthur form the defining myth of the English nation: revisit Arthur’s landscape with Sir Gawain, the bearded lady and the Green Knight as he confronts love, death and his own mortality.

Wayland the Wondersmith

Just South of Oxford, in the Vale of the White Horse, lies a cave called Wayland Smithy, named after the Norse Blacksmith God. His story is one of the extraordinary Norse epics that came to this country with the Northern invaders. A tale of love and longing: not for the faint hearted!


Revisit the creation myths of the Greek Gods, brought to this island by our Roman ancestors, in a roller-coaster of sacred tragicomedy.

The White Bull

A white bull with golden eyes meets a maiden picking flowers down by the sea: so begins the real story behind the strange tale of Minos and his bull-child son!

The Golden City

The tale of the creation of Thebes: join the quest of Cadmus as he serenades a monster, is led by a cow, defeats a dragon and enlists children to build a city of perfect peace and harmony.


A retelling of this ancient love story, drawing on the traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Combines music and story in an epic of majestic mystery. Developed for the British Museum Sheba exhibition, London.

The Tree of Life

This story was collected in Iraq, but is found in many countries: a prince journeys to the Tree of Life, samples its fruit and…come and see!

The Golden Feather

The Golden Feather was collected in Palestine, but has been found all over Europe and beyond: flying stallions, golden birds and moody maidens combine as our hero seeks life's elixir.

What people think of Storysmith:

“A real inspiration”

“Totally engaging from start to finish”

“Ancient tales reinterpreted for the modern times”

“Thank you so much, please come again soon”

“These are stories which really need to be told”