Storysmith Storytellers offers 2 types of school programmes: story performance and storymaking workshops.

Storytelling Performance

The stories are offered as dramatic performances which inspire and engage students imagination, giving direct experience of a live performance art and providing a springboard for teachers follow-up work. They are usually 50 minutes pieces, performed to up to 200 pupils at a time, from KS1 upwards.

Popular performances in schools include:

  • Tales from Arab Lands (KS1 and above)
  • Tales from Around the World (KS1and above)
  • Jack Stories from Many Lands (KS1 and up)
  • Greek Myths (Creation, the Minataur, Cadmus and Harmony) (KS2 and above)
  • Solomon and Sheba (KS2 and above)
  • The Life of the Prophet Mohammed (KS2 and above)
  • The Life of the Buddha (KS2 and above)
  • Buddhist Teaching Tales (Jataka) (KS1 and above)
  • Legends of King Arthur (KS1 and above)
  • Creation Myths (KS1 and above)
  • Fables and Proverbs (KS1 and above)

Chris Smith is co-author of “The Islamic Year” a book of stories and activities through which to understand and celebrate Muslim festivals. (

Storymaking Workshops

Our lives are spent making and sharing stories with one another. Through them we form our sense of self and purpose. These workshops provide participants with a chance to make, tell and listen to each others’ stories in a playful and supportive atmosphere, aiming to encourage and affirm creativity as it develops.

The program offers a cluster of benefits directly related to the National Literacy goals in the areas of fiction, creative writing, traditional tales and communication skills (KS1-3). Beyond Literacy, participants learn confidence in speaking, listening and working in a team: essential skills for life.
Workshops are offered for pupils in year 2 and above, to support speaking, telling, listening, reflecting and writing skills using a mix of drama exercises, games and creative activities.

Examples of 1-2 hour sessions:

  • Tell Me More (listening and exploring through questions)
  • Fortunately-Unfortunately (tools for plot development)
  • Exploring Character (tools to develop ideas on character)
  • Storyboarding (formal scaffolding ideas for stories)
  • Tell It Again (retelling and re-enacting fictional stories)

These workshops are most effective when sequenced over a several weeks to provide a chance for benefits to develop.

Chris Smith is the author of a national series of “Storysmith Storypacks”, providing stories and active speaking/listening/writing activities for the classroom. (

Storysmith supports and encourages:

Listening Skills

Communications Skills


Enthusiasm for Writing

Multicultural Awareness

Special Needs Support

Children's reactions to Storysmith:

“The children were engaged and enthusiastic”

“I have never seen them so quiet, listening for so long.”

“They wrote with a new enthusiasm after developing their won ideas in the drama sessions”

“Children who were usually withdrawn had a chance to shine.”